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SmartSolutions PLASMA at a glance.

The SmartSolutions PLASMA is ideal for any form of plasma activation and cleaning due to the integrated Openair-Plasma® nozzle. The X, Y, Z system allows all thinkable contours and process sequences for plasma treatment to be teached and run.

SmartSolutions PLASMA

Technical description:
Plasma pre-treatment for ultra-fine cleaning and surface activation by Openair-Plasma® DüseFlexible use for a variety of contours, exchangeable nozzle attachmentsTreatment of almost all materials: plastics, metals, glass, cardboard, textiles, composites, ...
Application areas:
Pre & small seriesLaboratory testing & prototypingSeasonal operationsAfterSales (spare & wear parts)Universities & Institutes
Technical data:
Cell size (incl. rollers): 1000 x 1000 x 2200mmArticle weight: < 5kgArticle dimensions: < 200 x 200 x 200mmMovement range X,Y-table: 200 x 300mmZ-stroke: 200mmClose to nozzle extraction of generated gasesIntensity adjustment by quick selection of preset programs

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